If you are confident that your designed software will grab attention from Fortune 500 companies then invest in recruiting an experienced enterprise sales team. Big organizations have the longest sales cycle, so build a solid sales team including sales development representatives. The SDRs play a crucial role in the initial phase including the prospecting process and lead generation optimization. This saves the sales team valuable time in looking for prospects and leads.

As a software developer, you may be unaware of the tactics of marketing your designed program. The Data Management Education experts can help you master sales and closure. The selling enterprise software training course is designed to help people interested in selling software to large organizations. After the final exam, you will receive a B2B Software Sales master certification via Data Management University.

Avoid a leap

Before you move towards large companies, it is necessary to have a solid portfolio including SMBs. Selling to large enterprises is different than selling to SMBs at many points even if the purpose is to help them resolve their business issues. What worked in selling at a small scale can help you to hand a large deal in future. So, gain experience before moving towards selling to enterprises.

Gain recognition connecting with the right people

It is essential to make meaningful and equally valuable business connections. It is a constructive way to build a career. You can take advantage of old relationships to form new ones and gain visibility at company events or trade shows. These are places, where you will make awesome contacts.

If your designed program serves a specific industry then it will be worthy to visit niche events, where you can meet like-minded contacts, learn ways to enhance your software, and become a valued contributor to the specific niche. Connecting with large businesses and their influencers is a valued resource.

Build customer profile

If your software, team, and marketing strategy are all well-prepared to enter the enterprise sales process then create a customer profile list. Balance quantity and quality to ensure you attain a focused list to target. The customers on the list are the ones, who will benefit most from your program. They are the kind of clients you desire to focus on procuring.

Do research

The sales cycle associated with enterprises is long and needs lots of effort and patience. Therefore, do good research to help you sharpen the process and ensure that the target is promising and profitable. A high-value client procured in the start can open doors for future big customers. After preparing the best customer profile, it is time to engage face-to-face.

How to gain entry into a big enterprise?

Maximize initial outreach efforts

Identify targeted companies’ pain points and personalize outreach opportunities to the precise point of contact. Tailor scripts with a little personalized detail to impress during cold calling to make appointments.

Tailor pitch with value highlights

Large enterprises are concentrated on achieving the bottom line. Tailor a pitch that highlights monetary value and ROI over usability. Highlight ROI in each discussion before the right decision-makers.

Land & expand strategy

Don’t try to sell a solution to the whole company. Land in the correct section with the right contact and take advantage of this relationship within the target company. They can draw their superiors and peers as well as deal with internal obstacles with ease.

Build an experienced enterprise sales team with an ideal balance of passion and deal-closing skills!