Don’t know whether to buy a house or condo? Feeling confused? Whether you are planning to buy a house or a condo or rent them, it purely depends on your preferences. Let us look at the differences between condos and houses.

Houses Vs Condos

  • Houses are usually expensive when compared to condos.
  • Condos are generally smaller than houses. Besides, when you own a house, you will own the entire thing both outside and inside.
  • The house insurance is more costly when compared to the insurance for condos. This is because house insurance should cover the whole house.
  • Counties and cities generally don’t tax houses and condos equally. In fact, they will be taxed differently. Property tax will be high in the case of house.
  • One of the main advantages of living in a condo is you don’t really have to think about cleaning gutters, painting walls, pruning trees etc. In fact, condos don’t require any maintenance especially when it comes to the exterior. The exterior of condos is usually maintained by HOA. But you have to take care of maintenance i.e., cleaning gutters and all exterior work in the case of a house.
  • Condos offer some great facilities like sports courts, swimming pools etc., and they look really great.
  • You will have more security in the case of condos. Hence, you can stay relaxed without worrying about anything.
  • You can have a better privacy in houses than condos.
  • You have to follow the rules of HOA without fail if you are planning to live in condos. You can stay the way you want when it comes to a house.
  • You can make a lot of friends when it comes to condos, because you will have a lot of neighbors living above and beside your unit. In the case of a house, you might not get a chance to interact with your neighbors much.
  • Most of the people in condos celebrate festivals and other important occasions together, just like a family, and this may not be possible in case of a house.

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Make sure that you do your basic research before buying any property whether it is a condo or a house. The reason for this is there are some property owners who sell the property in disputes at a lower cost. What many people does is they purchase such properties looking at the lower cost in hurry without doing any background work and this can land them on troubles. Hence, it is very important to do some research before buying any property to stay safe. Take the help of reputed real estate companies to save you from buying wrong properties.