Do you want to keep your residential space safe and secure? It is necessary to provide essential lighting for the front of your space. Many homeowners often overlook this aspect and confront many issues. Lighting is one of the best accessories for your home. Even though many lighting options are there, porch lights always get the top preference. It is one of the vital accessories of your home’s curb appeal.

It provides more than the pretty accent for your front door. Right from pendants to outdoor sconces, you can install this light on either side of the front door. It brightens up the entrance even when you do not have the full-on porch. The right outdoor lighting can improve the safety and security. Along with this, it helps you to save your money on the utility bill.

Purpose of the porch light

porch lights are majorly used for increasing the safety and security concerns of the space. It helps you to find your way in the dark and then avoid all the obstacles. It deters burglars who avoid the home, which seems occupied. So, the light will help to keep you and your beloved ones safe.

You can install the porch light both indoor and outdoor-based on your needs. You have to use perfect bulk to save the electricity bill. While developing a safe environment around the entrance to your space, you should not compromise on anything.

Where to install

Porch lights are the popular form of outdoor lighting. It is mounted on the specific areas close to where you will be operating or moving at night. In general, it is placed next to the porch, at the side door, in front of the garage, and on the rear wall. You should install it on the place based on how you utilize and move around the building.

For example, outdoor light should mount near to the shoulder height. It will offer the downward light to assist with your keys and one side of your main entrance to get the adequate light to walk on. It means you will be saved from the hassle of walking in the dark.

When to turn on light

Switching on your porch lights are not guaranteed for the home safety because burglars pay attention to when and how you turn on the porch as well as deck lighting. If you want to prevent your home from being robbed, you should understand the best time to keep the porch light on. Below mentioned are the major situations in which you should turn on the light.

  • When you are at home at night to alert burglars to your presence especially if the indoor lights are on too.
  • When you, your family members, and your roommate plans to return late at night because it helps the people get to the door and then unlock it safely
  • When you leave your kids at home or waiting for the arrival of specific packages. The extra light will help the people inside and outside hugely.

How to choose the right light

As soon as you decide to purchase the porch lighting, you will come around with a wide array of the designs to select from. You can spend some time and find the right one, which suits your home’s style and taste. Apart from personal preference, you have to consider various things that make your purchase valuable and worthy. Whenever you look for the porch lights, you should keep the following things in your mind.

  • Take the right decision on the lighting type. The style of the porch and your requirements will find the type of light you need for your home. For brick home façade, brass porch light works great as the shiny metal assists magnify the nice details in the brick. If your porch is also worked as the sitting area, you can consider the overhead ceiling-mounted fixture or even go with a pendant light for excellent illumination
  • Although porch lights are accessed under the covered area, there are highly exposed to the outdoor. It means that they are extremely suffering some damage from the outdoor elements. Therefore, it is important to weather-resistant metals such as brass because they are highly durable and stands up to moisture and water. Thus, it does not corrode.

How to shop

Once you have assessed your requirements and developed the goal for your porch lighting, it is the right time to shop. You should measure the fixture sizes you require beforehand. You can shop the required products either online or offline. You can even consult the experts and read the user ratings.