Since past few decades, many employees prefer standing desks to work in offices. Eventually it has become a part of offices because of its advantageous usage. There are ample benefits of using a standing desk thus no doubt there are many kinds of standing desks popularly sold in furniture market worldwide.

Here are some benefits of standing desk-

  • The best possible way for employees to avoid back pain.
  • Users are able to maintain right posture while working for long hours.
  • Quite an effective aid to reduce excess calories thus avoids obesity.
  • Standing is better position compared to sitting while working as it normalizes body’s blood sugar.
  • The user is able to focus on work, as there won’t be any body pain.

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Here are the popular selling standing desks-

  • Sit- to -stand adapters – They are basically modern form of mini desks. They are fixed on sitting desk to be used whenever anyone prefers to stand and work. They are removable and has keyboard tray as well. It is mostly preferred in compact offices as in one long desk many sit-to-stand adapters can be fixed.
  • Hand -Cranked – Sit to-Stand desk- This is another form of desk designed to sit or stand to use it for working. The desk height can be lowered or raised as per your choice.
  • Powered sit -to -stand desk- The most fashionable desk having powered motors concealed underneath the surface of the desk. In few seconds you can adjusts its height as per your preference. It is available in various models having added features like durability, smooth top and of course ergonomic.
  • Fixed standing desk- It is a common kind of desk found in many offices. The height of it can be adjusted and you have multiple open or closed shelves underneath the flat surface of the desk.

Now, about the accessories associated with standing desks-

  • Exercise ball – It is an oversized ball to sit comfortably helping to maintain the posture unlike normal office chair. It is available in varied sizes for choosing according to your height and budget.
  • Monitor mounts – It is fixed on standing desks to help avoid back pain. It can be even fixed on sitting desk top to keep your spine straight.
  • Under desk cable routing – Your desktop PC needs lot of sockets, cables and plug points. Standing desk helps to fix the cable routing under the desk top, thus the whole working space looks tidy.

There are full range of standing desks available in varied designs, make and price. You can choose the best suitable one for your work and office with ease.