None of us would like to eat our food in a dirty plate or drink from a stained glass. So, why should we reuse a bong for smoking without cleaning it after its use? If we do not clean the bong sooner than later, it will become toxic and can affect the quality of our smoking.

In the same manner, often people think that in order to a get high one should drink bong water. That is because THC of the weed is likely to go inside the system. This is also ridiculous, as THC is not soluble in the water. Besides, by drinking bong water will also not make you high.

Instead of believing all these ridiculous theories, you must ensure that you clean your bongs regularly after each use. Let us discuss in this article, how you can clean the bong so that it does not remain contaminated.

Why should we clean bong?

You will be risking your health if you continue to use your bong without properly cleaning it. Quite often people may end up developing lungs infection, which can be terrible. So, you should use your common sense as sooner your dirty bong will develop fungus or certain black spots that you often find in your bathroom too.

By regular cleaning of the bong you will get following benefits:

  1. Fresh tasting weed

By keeping your bong clean, you can always get fresh tasting hit and you will get good value for your money. When you will inhale cleaner smoke, then it will be better for respiratory system too and you will enjoy taste of smoke more.

  1. Smoother hits

You can reduce your coughing after taking your puff, as your percolator will work at its peak capacity if the bong is maintained clean.

  1. Superior high

You can also get best hit if your bong is clean and THC will reach straight to your lungs.

How to clean bong

Besides hot water and salt, you must get following items ready before cleaning your bong.

  • Cotton balls
  • Hand towels
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Q-Tips
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Ziploc bags

You must separate all parts of your bong and soak all the pieces in the hot water for some time. Then rinse with water as much hot your bong pieces are able to handle.

Place each part into its Ziploc bag, pour in quarter cup of alcohol and tablespoon of salt in each container. Combination of salt with acidic alcohol can break down all the sticky resin. You may shake the containers so that this alcohol and salt mixture can get to the all the tough areas.

Cotton balls usually are solid alternative if the bong has got small holes. Shake your bong container once again, for several minutes.

Now remove all the pieces from containers and throw out the solution. Try to rinse every piece by using hot water and also use Q-tips to deal with stubborn stains. After ensuring everything has been cleaned, rinse all pieces again for the last time.