It does not matter if you’re youngster or old, 80s fashion reminds you of many things. Irrespective of age, a person thinks of fashion every time. 80s fashion brings back grins and memories for many. Tight rolled jeans, side ponytails, as well as neon clothing, makes a person nostalgic. This is another reason many people decide on 80s theme party to live those days.

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80s fashion was unique and different. The fashion in this period was very dominating and powerful. In this era, people were influenced by commercials of big clothing and garment companies. TV drama, movies also played an imperative role in influencing people. Here are some 80s fashion that anyone can relate to –

  • The mullet hairstyle was just the favorite of every youngster. It was short from front and sides and long at the back.
  • Another hairstyle trend was a perm, big bangs, curls, or feather-like perms, 80s hairstyle was always eye-catching.
  • Baggy jeans, jumpers, sweaters were all from the 80s which were two sizes larger than the person. The sweaters were loud in color with different patterns and pants or jeans were light shades.
  • Bomber jackets were taken from Top Gun movie where Tom Cruise gave it an impressive look. This vintage jacket is still used by many hip-hop stars.
  • Spandex and Lycra material and lacey shorts were the trends of the 80s where Hawaiian style shirts with big floral prints made a person look cool and Casanova. Gender didn’t matter as long as it looks trendy and iconic.
  • Double denim is a combination of denim jeans and a shirt or jacket. It was an outfit for both and women in the 80s, which is still used from time to time.
  • High waist jeans were in trend for men and women. They were also called mom jeans because it kept the girl’s belly button hidden.
  • Power suits with sharp cuts as well as wide shoulder pads looked much like a uniform. Bold colors in light fabric and tailored pants for women as well gave an ambitious look to everyone.
  • Highlighting of hair and pierced ears were the status symbol for college kids. This trend is carried to date along with tattoos which started in 2010.
  • Accessories like flashy rings with dragons or snakes carved on it, thick long metal chains, diamond bracelet or square buckles, diamond-studded boots or belts were liked by everyone. It was not only fashion, but a status symbol for many.

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Wearing 80s costumes is fun, and brings back many memories. When you see any old drama or commercial online or on TV it makes you nostalgic, but also makes you try those dresses that set a fashion trend in the 80s.