No light source is better in appearance than a chandelier. Due to its aesthetics and incredible features, it is being used as a necessary accessory in many restaurants, luxury hotels, homes and corporate offices. They come in a wide variety of types and finishes to suit many configurations. In this article, we will talk about these new glass models of chandeliers called crystal chandeliers.

How Crystal Chandeliers Are Made?

The glass used in crystal chandeliers is different from glass in drinking cups, windows, eyeglasses and so on. Crystal chandeliers are made from fusing glass parts at a high temperature and milting the silica sand in the furnace along with hot ash, lead and other ingredients. Adding all these materials especially the lead oxide makes the crystals heavier and sparkling. The more lead oxide is combined, the better it will refract the light.

The arms of chandelier are shaped by craftsman as per the requirement. The manufacturing process of a crystal chandelier is a time-consuming process where each part is made piece by piece. Founded in Washington, Sofary takes pride in supplying latest designer lightning styles at affordable rates. They have collaborated with the best designers and engineers to offer you the best deals. To get more info, do check out their website.

Types of Crystal Chandeliers

  • Swarovski Crystal Glass

Swarovski is the finest crystal in the world that you can think of when talking about crystal chandeliers. Manufactured in Austrian Alps, it is flawless, clear, beauty and uniquely pure. It has more than thirty percent of lead content. You can find Swarovski glass chandeliers in many colours, shapes and sizes. Some Swarovski crystals come with optical coating to ease the cleaning process.

  • Rock Crystals

Rock crystals were the earliest crystal chandeliers. Genuine rock crystals can only be found in museums and palaces now. These are old as Earth and is unique created by many geological events that happened over millions of years ago. Since these are cool to touch, they should be mined, cut and polished by the gem cutters.

  • Venetian Crystals

Venetian crystals are from Venice, Italy. It often comes with round edges due to fire polishing. Since it contains lime and soda instead of lead oxide, it appears softer. It is not great as a cut crystal but a budget option for customers who is looking to furnish their home. Similarly, Murano crystals can be shaped in circles and many other shapes. They can be coloured as well.

  • Moroccan Crystal

Moroccan crystals are cut into a shape of a gem by the machine. These crystals have high lead oxide content. They are sharp, clear and flawless, but not as pure as Swarovski crystals.

  • K9 Crystals

Many value-minded consumers prefer K9 crystals. Massively produced, it is cut, polished and finished to look more expensive. The most important quality of these crystal chandeliers is the amazing styles with high quality and modest price.


There is a wide variety of crystal chandeliers available in market today. You should connect with your designer and choose what works best with the decor of your room.